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A Gondola is a traditional Venetian boat whose ride is one of those classic activities that can transport its guests to another place, replete with charm and mystery. To navigate the lesser-known canals that connect to the Grand Canal, tourists board a traditional narrow boat with a flat bottom and duck beneath minor bridges. Learn about the background of the area's churches, palaces, and other sights by touring them with a local who is an expert on the subject. The Piazzetta dei Leoncini, the Clock Tower, the Procuratie Vecchie, and Basilica di San Marco will all make an appearance, as will other well-known Venetian sites. Take in the outside of the Renaissance-style Santa Maria Formosa church and the home that once belonged to the famed adventurer and trader Marco Polo. Your Gondola ride could take as little as 20 minutes or as much as 50 minutes depending on the path you choose.

Quick Tips to Have an Amazing Gondola Ride

Quick Tips to Have an Amazing Gondola Ride
  • Do not board the first Gondola that you encounterAlthough every Gondola in Venice looks the same and has the same fixed rates, every Gondola ride is different because of the canals and waterways through which they travel. That being the case, even if you've been on a gondola in Venice, the odds of your second trip being exactly like the first are quite low. As such, the ideal Gondola ride in Venice entails going down the Grand Canal south of the Rialto Bridge and then winding through some of the smaller canals that branch off from it. The most magnificent Venetian palaces from the 13th to the 18th centuries are located here. At the same time, you shouldn't take a gondola ride that misses the more peaceful lesser canals in favor of the more touristy Grand Canal.

  • Pick a gondolier who makes you feel at ease.One of the top tips to visit Venice Gondola rides is selecting a friendly gondolier. The ride would be much more enjoyable if your gondolier whistles, chatters, and occasionally sings as they glide across the water, making for a far more pleasurable ride. Whereas if you take a gondola with someone who is in a bad mood or spending his time on a smartphone, it might ruin the whole experience. Thus, before hiring a gondolier, have a conversation with them to gauge their friendliness; if they come across as being too arrogant, feel free to look elsewhere. Keep in mind that gondoliers tend to be friendlier and less tense at peaceful, non-rush hours.

  • Early in the day is the best time to goBefore the heat of the day sets in, early morning is the finest time to enjoy a gondola ride in Venice, whether you're coming in the spring or summer. The gondolas don't have any kind of cover, so you'll be exposed to the scorching sunlight all day long. The midday heat in the summer is not enjoyable on a gondola ride, however this may be different in the off season. Moreover, the canals are much quieter and the gondoliers are nicer first thing in the morning because fewer visitors take gondola rides then. Gondoliers are at their most rested in the morning, therefore that's when you should schedule your ride.

  • Take a shared gondola and save money.If the cost of a private gondola ride is too steep for you, consider splitting the cost with another group who are going for it. If possible, try to hitch a ride with two or three additional people. It can be challenging to spontaneously form your own "group," so it is advisable to plan a shared gondola ride in advance. One of the tips to visit Venice Gondola rides would be to try the traghetto gondola service for an extremely low-cost ride.

  • Just go for it!Don't think twice before going for a gondola ride as it is the most popular activity you can indulge yourself in Venice. Sure, it's expensive, and yes, it's crawling with tourists, however, the only place to take a genuine gondola ride around the picturesque canals of a city built on water is in Venice. It is not everyday that you get to ride on gondolas, that too in Venice! Thus, do not let this chance pass you by and make your trip more memorable by planning a Gondola ride.


How much time in advance should I arrive for my gondola ride?

    One of the major tips to visit Venice Gondola Rides is to get to the designated meeting spot at least 15 minutes early to make sure you do not miss any.

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